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Research Publications

Research Publications - Conference
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1S.Balajifiltering of Noise in Finger print images-TestingNATNational conference conducted by CSI2005
2S.BalajiA perspective on E-GovernanceNATNational conference conducted by CSI2007
3S.BalajiA study of robust digital watermarking Technique in Wavelet Transform domainNATNational conference conducted at FISAT2007
4M.SumanBlue tooth securityINTInternational Conference On Web Sciences ICWS-20102009
5D.Aruna KumariIdentification and clustering of frequent itemsetsINTInternational conference on ISSE2009
6T.AnuradhaClustering of Web search resultsNATNCISE-092009
7T.AnuradhaClustering of Informative pagesNATETCSIT-092009
8D.Aruna KumariPrivacy Preservng data miningINTInternational conference on ISSE2009
9T.AnuradhaInformative page discovery On the WebNATNCISE-092009
10D.Aruna KumariCompression of frequent patterns from large datasets based on distance measure metricINTInternational conference on on Advaced Computing2010
11D.Aruna KumariPattern Estimation from sequence data using FAINTInternational conference on on Advaced Computing ,2010
12S.BalajiSupervising online examination systems using scientific perception on dataNATNCACC-20102010
13D.Aruna KumariInformationa retrieval from peer-to peer networksINTInternational conference on SEEC2010
14D.Aruna KumariStudy of Genetic Algorithms for Shortest path routing in multi hop wireless networksNATNational conference on ETCSIT2010
15D.Aruna KumariAssociation rules and Classification Rules for Intrusion DetectionNATIEEE computer society National conference on NCISE-20102010
16D.Aruna KumariSequence mining representation: pattern estimation using finite state machineNATNational conference on ETCSIT2010
17K.MadhuriComparative analysis of different software quality modelsNATIEEE computer society National conference on Information and software Engineering2010
18P.SindhuSecurity in wired and wireless networksNATNational conference on emerging trends in VLSI2011
19D.Aruna KumariMining Frequent Phrase Patterns from Text Data and Representation Using Finite AutomatonINTIJCICT -20102011
20D.Aruna KumariEncryption techniques vs Randomization for privacy preserving data mining : more privacy issuesINTIJCICT -20102012
21K. Raja Sekhara Reddy S S AsadiAn Experimental Study for Identification of Suitable Low Cost Alternative Flux Material in Manufacturing of Red body Ceramic Glazed Tiles: A model StudyNATMaterial Science Research India2012
22L.Jagjeevan RaoDrastic changes in Medical field by the invention of NanobotsINTInternational conference on Electrical, Electronics, Computational vision and Robotics2012
23K.Raghava RaoRare association rule mining using improved FP growth algorithomINTInternational journal scientific and engineering research2012
24K.PrathyushaNano Technology Radars in Different Domains for Military WorldNATRecent Trends in Nanoscience and Technology for Device Applications (RNTDA-2013)2013
25K.PrathyushaCDAS Design for Trains, using RFID&RF CommunicationINTInternational Conference on RF And Signal Processing Systems(RSPS-2013)2013
26G. Sowmya BalaA socio Economic Impact of long term operation of future mobileNATNCASPA2013
27G.S.Sarma Noisy Face reduction and recognisation in neural networkNATNCETCS-20142014
28B. Naresh kumar reddyDeveloping the fabricated system of automatic Vehicle Identification using RFID based poultry tracebalityINTICICES-20142014
30Dr. Ravi Kumar Reddy et al.,Assessment of Seismic Susceptibility of RC BuildingsINTInternational Conference on Professional Engineers: Challenges in Disaster Management2014
31Dr. Ravi Kumar Reddy et al.,Effect of Loss of Contact on Bending Moment and Contact Pressure of Beam on Elastic FoundationNAT2014
32Dr. Ravi Kumar Reddy et al.,Study of Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Fine Glass PiecesNATNational Conference on Recent Research Advances in Civil Engineering (RRACE-2014)2014
35Vijay Sonawane,D.Rajeswara raoMultiversion XML Documents Cluster Re-Evaluation with Compressd DeltaNATNCBDA20162016
36Ande Stanly Kumar,PVRD Prasad RaoParametric studies on motion intensity factors in a Robots using Voice ControlNATNCBDA20162016
37Ajeet Kumar Jain,PVRD PrasadPattern Based Evaluation for Extracting Personalized ProfilesNATNCBDA20162016
38Ajeet K. Jain,PVRD Prasad,Dr.Venkatesh SharmaPerplexed Views of Aspect Oriented Programming Paradigms in Semantic WebsNATNCBDA20162016
39b.Deevena Raju,Dr.PVRD Prasada RaoAnalysis on Image re-enactment using HAAR DWT on Crack ImagesNATNCBDA20162016
40B.Tulasi Kumar,Dr.D.Rajeswara raoA Role of E-Governanace Models and ApplicationsNATNCBDA20162016
41Dr.V.Sucharita,Y.Leela Sandhya RaniSpatio-Temporal Hyper Graph Partition Clustering Ensemble : An OverviewNATNCBDA20162016
42M.Satya Srinivas,A.Yesubabau,G.pradeepiniFeature selection based Neural network for software defect predictionNATNCBDA20162016
43L.Greeshma,G.PradeepiniHigh Perforamnce Computing on MapReduce Programming FrameworkNATNCBDA20162016
44S.Manekar,Dr.G.PradeepiniCloud Based Big data Analytic a reviewNATNCBDA20162016
45Vidyullatha.P,Dr.D.Rajeswara RaoInvestigating Forecasting Techniques in the Era of Big DataNATNCBDA20162016
46J.Uma MaheshUsing Data Analytics And Performance Of Mobile Apps Using R LanguageNATNCBDA20162016
47J.Uma MaheshPrdctive Data Analytics Of Abroad Education & Indian Education System Using R LanguageNATNCBDA20162016
48A.Pavni,B.shraddha,H.Snehitha,J.Uma MaheshPredicting the Usage of Smart Products Using R-Language By Building a classification model using data mining techniquesNATNCBDA20162016
49Divvela.Srinivasa rao,Dr.V.Sucharita,A Survey on Extracting High Utility Itemsets from Transactional DatabasesNATNCBDA20162016
50S S Pathak,D.R.RaoRecent Survey on VSM Based Text ModelsNATNCBDA20162016
51Mr.Puri Gnesh D,Prof.D.HarithaBig data analytics,applications and challengesNATNCBDA20162016
52Deepthi Gurram ,M.R.Narasinga Rao,T V Krishna ChowdaryApprocahes and Algorithms for Web Recommendations EnginesNATNCBDA20162016
53Dr.G.SreedharQuality Assesment of Central University Websites designing in india through Web EngineeringNATNCBDA20162016
54K.Swathi ,V.V.Subramanyam.Ram Gopal.MusunuriAsurvey on Intrusion Detection Techniques for CloudNATNCBDA20162016
55Dr.G Vijay Kumar,Dr.G V RajuBig-Data Analytics -Impact On Digital Business : A ReviewNATNCBDA20162016
56V Rama Krishna ,B.JyothiEfficient Loa Rebalancing Problem in HADOOP Distributed File SystemNATNCBDA20162016
57Sri Hari Nallamala,Dr.K.Suvarna Vani,Dr.P.Siva kumarTheoretical Study -How YARN Overcomes MapReduce Limitaions in Hadoop 2.0?NATNCBDA20162016
58Vishwesh Nagamalla,Dr.Konda Rma Sastry.J,Dr.Aruna Varanasi,Dr.V.V.S.S.S.BalaramIntenet of Things(IoT)NATNCBDA20162016