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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1Sahu A., Swain G.A novel multi stego-image based data hiding method for gray scale imageINTPertanika Journal of Science and Technology2019
2Ravinder Rao P., Sucharita V.A framework to automate cloud based service attacks detection and preventionINTInternational Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications2019
3Potharaju S.P., Sreedevi M., Ande V.K., Tirandasu R.K.Data mining approach for accelerating the classification accuracy of cardiotocographyINTClinical Epidemiology and Global Health2019
4Rupita GhoshPreparation of ex-situ Mixed Sintered Biphasic Calcium Phosphate Ceramics from Its Co-Precipitated Precursors and Their CharacterizationINTTransactions of the Indian Ceramic Society2019
5Potharaju S.P., Sreedevi M.Distributed feature selection (DFS) strategy for microarray gene expression data to improve the classification performanceINTClinical Epidemiology and Global Health2019
6Deshpande L.A., Narasingarao M.R.Addressing social popularity in twitter data using drift detection techniqueINTJournal of Engineering Science and Technology2019
7Banchhor C., Srinivasu N.Holoentropy based Correlative Naive Bayes classifier and MapReduce model for classifying the big dataINTEvolutionary Intelligence2019
8Krishna T.L.S.R., Ragunathan T.Performance evaluation of speculative semantics-based algorithm for read operations in distributed file systemINTInternational Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems2019
9Sahu , Swain .High fidelity based reversible data hiding using modified LSB matching and pixel differenceINTJournal of King Saud University - Computer and Information Sciences2019
10Sahu A.K., Swain G.Data hiding using adaptive LSB and PVD technique resisting PDH and RS analysisINTInternational Journal of Electronic Security and Digital Forensics2019
11Banchhor C., Srinivasu N.FCNB: Fuzzy Correlative Naive Bayes Classifier with MapReduce Framework for Big Data ClassificationINTJournal of Intelligent Systems2020
12Sahu A.K., Swain G.Reversible Image Steganography Using Dual-Layer LSB MatchingINTSensing and Imaging2020
13Rachapudi V., Lavanya Devi G.Improved convolutional neural network based histopathological image classificationINTEvolutionary Intelligence2020
14Kumar Vadla P., Prakash Kolla B., Perumal T.FLA-SLA aware cloud collation formation using fuzzy preference relationship multi-decision approach for federated cloudINTPertanika Journal of Science and Technology2020
15Sirisha N., Kiran K.V.D.An efficient and lightweight security scheme for big dataINTInternational Journal on Emerging Technologies2020
16Boddu N., Veeramallu B., Vatambeti R.Optimal routing and load balancing based congestion avoidance in manet using improved ad-hoc on-demand distance vector routingINTInternational Journal of Control and Automation2020