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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1V.M.L.Hima Bindu On Pata–Suzuki-Type ContractionsINTMathematics2019
2Amiripalli ., Bobba V.An Optimal TGO Topology Method for a Scalable and Survivable Network in IOT Communication TechnologyINTWireless Personal Communications2019
3P. DhanasekaranSmilarity measure on incomplete imprecise interval information and its applicationsINTNeural computing and applications2019
4Swain .Very High Capacity Image Steganography Technique Using Quotient Value Differencing and LSB SubstitutionINTArabian Journal for Science and Engineering2019
5Ramgouda P., Chandraprakash V.Constraints handling in combinatorial interaction testing using multi-objective crow search and fruitfly optimizationINTSoft Computing2019
6V.M.L.Hima Bindu On Pata–Suzuki-Type ContractionsINTMasthematics2019
7K. RajyalakshmiModified taguchi approach to trace the optimum GMAW process parameters on weld dilution for ST-37 steel platesINTJournal of testing and evaluation2019
8Senthil Kumar A.M., Venkatesan M.Multi-Objective Task Scheduling Using Hybrid Genetic-Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm in Cloud EnvironmentINTWireless Personal Communications2019
9Amiripalli S.S., Bobba V.Impact of trimet graph optimization topology on scalable networksINTJournal of Intelligent and Fuzzy Systems2019
10Balakrishna G., Moparthi N.R.ESBL: Design and implement a cloud integrated framework for IoT load balancingINTInternational Journal of Computers, Communications and Control2019
11Swain G.Two new steganography techniques based on quotient value differencing with addition-subtraction logic and PVD with modulus functionINTOptik2019
12Babu K.S., Vemuru S.Spectrum signals handoff in LTE cognitive radio networks using reinforcement learningINTTraitement du Signal2019
13Dey N.S., Gunasekhar T.A Comprehensive Survey of Load Balancing Strategies Using Hadoop Queue Scheduling and Virtual Machine MigrationINTIEEE Access2019
14Sahu A.K., Swain .A Novel n-Rightmost Bit Replacement Image Steganography TechniqueINT3D Research2019
15Banchhor , Srinivasu N.Integrating Cuckoo search-Grey wolf optimization and Correlative Naive Bayes classifier with Map Reduce model for big data classificationINTData and Knowledge Engineering2020
16Nikhitha P., Mohana Sarvani P., Lakshmi Gayathri K., Parasa D., bano S., Yedukondalu G.Detection of Tomatoes Using Artificial Intelligence Implementing Haar Cascade TechniqueINTLecture Notes in Electrical Engineering2020
17Reddy M.A., Ravindranath K.Virtual Machine Placement Using JAYA Optimization AlgorithmINTApplied Artificial Intelligence2020
18Jyothi P.N., Lakshmi D.R., Rama Rao K.V.S.N.A supervised approach for detection of outliers in healthcare claims dataINTJournal of Engineering Science and Technology Review2020
19Ganeshan R., Rodrigues P.Crow-AFL: Crow Based Adaptive Fractional Lion Optimization Approach for the Intrusion DetectionINTWireless Personal Communications2020
20Mekala M.S., Viswanathan P.(t,n): Sensor Stipulation with THAM Index for Smart Agriculture Decision-Making IoT SystemINTWireless Personal Communications2020