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Research Publications

Research Publications - Journal
S.NoName(s) of the AuthorTitleNational / InternationalConf/Jur NameYear
1Srinivasa ReddyA New Method for Gray Level Image Thresholding Using Spatial Correlation Features and ultrafuzzy MeasuresINTGJCSTGV0
2A.Dhana LakshmiRouting Security Against Flooding Attack In Wireless Adhoc NetworksINTIJAIR2013
3SuhasiniApproaching Protected and Reliable Storage Space Services in cloud computingINTIJEA2013
4Sunaina SultanaAn extraction Relation of machine learning by identifying disease treatment relations in the research methodologiesINTIJAIR2013
5Santhi SwaroopSurvey on Advanced Data Mining ApplicationsINTIJEA2013
6Ravi KanthTosca Enabling Cloud PortabilityINTIJARCET2013
7K. Mounika Lakshmi Prasanna, J. Somlal, R. James Ranjith Kumar and Amit JainLoad Flow Studies for Distribution System with and without Distributed GenerationINTWATER and ENERGY INTERNATIONAL2015