One day Trek to Kondaveedu Fort

Aiming for the promotion of enthusiasm towards adventure and expedition,  Dean, Student Welfare and Administration have advised CWW, to organise a one day trek to Kondaveedu fort on 8th January 2011.

It was about 100 students have shown their keen interest for expedition from 7 in the morning to 6pm.Strugling hard with the hectic schedules and sessions, students found this trek as a sort of rejuvenating themselves. As a part of this students acquired much information about the historical culture and heritage. Students have seen 3 forts and splendid waterfalls which were about 800 feet tall.

Religious Approach:

Venugopala swamy temple and Sivalayam which were in ruined state depicted the historical culture and old telugu lipi. Boudha statue there, was excavated recently was kept under research by the archeological department.

Rich Heritage:

As per the local guide, Kondaveedu fort possess rich and diversified heritage,the forts there,were first built in 1348 A.D and was actively used till 19th century by various dynasties like Kalingas, Vijayanagara ,Reddy, Kakatiya dynasty,Shahis,French followed by Moughals. Many inscriptions were seen at the fort.

Atlast it was a joyful and splendid trek happened in a day.