A trek was organized to Penchalakona and Thada waterfalls by Aarohan club of KLSO

As a part of the trekking activities conducted by Aarohan club of KLSO, a trek was organized to Penchalakona and Thada waterfalls in Nellore district attended by 79 boys and 26 girls along with faculty. The trek event started as the Buses Started from the Vijayawada on September 9th ,Friday at 9.30pm.This program was inaugurated by Sri K. Raja Hareen, Vice President, KL at administrative office, Museum road. The travel went via Guntur, after an overnight, the buses reached Penchalakona in the morning at 7:30 AM. The students were set to the trek to Biraghi kona, after breakfast from Sri Vijayeswari devi ashram by 9:30AM and continued till 2:30PM, When the lunch was served at ashram. In the evening, the students were headed to SOMASILA DAM and the first day ended with dinner followed by a camp fire at ashram.

On the second day, the buses started to Thada waterfalls signing off from the ashram. After spending the day trekking to Thada waterfalls. We reached Nellore for dinner at sunny heights, a three Star Hotel. This was followed by cultural and valedictory and finally returned to Vijayawada by 6:00AM on September 12th .the trek there ended in a healthy and encouraging environment, with students eagerly waiting for next trek.