Formation of Value Education Cell in K L Deemed to be University and introduction of Human Values course.

With a view to facilitate students to have the understanding, commitment, competence and the practice of living with acceptable Human conduct and to participate in the development of a humane society, "Value Education Cell" in K L Deemed to be University is established and as a first step "Human Values" course in University Curriculum will be introduced from the ensuing academic year.

Objectives of Value Education Cell:

  • To live a fulfilling life by living in harmony with oneself and with family, society and nature;
  • To ensure human beings' valuable participation, thus contributing towards national and worldwide growth;
  • To ensure our Students socially responsible citizens with intrinsic values.
  • To give Right Understanding to Students through Courses, Lectures, Workshops and Counseling.

Value Education Cell is formed with the following faculty members.

1. Dr.K. Rajasekhara Rao, Dean (Administration) Chairperson
2. Mr.G. Kalyan Mohan, Associate Professor Coordinator
3. Dr.H.V.Veeramraju, Assistant Professor Member
4. Dr.G.Sumathi, Assistant Professor Member
5. Ms.P. Bhaskara Sujatha, Assistant Professor Member
6. Dr.B. Vijaya Bhaskara Rao, Assistant Professor Member
7. Ms.Smitha Unnikrishnan, Assistant Professor Member


Coordinator:  Mr. G. Kalyan Mohan ( , +91 9441072037)