Awards for KL Students Teams - Vanquishers and Sangfroid

Our students Team Sanfroid (Go Karting) has won Future Award from ISIE India with a cash prize Rs. 50,000 and also a "Spirit Award" sponsored by Hero Motors. This was won at the Indian Kart Racing event held at Galgotia's University from 6- 10 February 2019.

Our other students Team Vanquishers which is our Hybrid Vehicle team has won: Best Acceleration Award, with Rs.10,000 cash prize Runner Up in Endurance, wish cash prize of Rs.10,000 & Award of Recognition for commendable Design Of Hybrid Vehicle and good teamwork.

This was held as Formula Imperial organised by ISIE India, at Buddha International Circuit Greater Noida, NCR from 6-10 February 2019.

Congratulations to students teams and Faculty mentors: Mr. PNV Bala Subramanyam (Team Sangfroid) & Mr P. Pruthivi Raj (Team Vanquishers)